I talked to a high energy physio who could have easily persuaded me to drop and do press ups – but as I looked at her wide eyes and felt the energy she projected, I thought –
‘there is no way lady that you could ever teach me how to be calm and take my energy levels down when yours are so high’.
She was interested in learning about relaxation, but in that moment I realised what I do unconsciously every time someone gives me permission to take them into Rest.

I go there myself first.

What I teach is So Simple, that I do feel a little embarrassed about having a reputation to take people into calm when it is easy, and talked about so much in the media.
Yet it interests me that others find it so hard to do. I have watched students copy what I do and everyone in the room ends up tense and edgy. And yet it is because of years of learning the Art of it as I sat with women in labour, or with people looking for change in Stress Management seminars, or I had to sit still as a contemplative or talk someone through a panic attack, that I have carved out an expressway in my own life that comes easily. And I can bring others alongside me very quickly.

It is worth practising for the sake of your own immune, digestive, reproductive systems and for your creativity and relationships.

But it’s bigger than that:-

We are interconnected and you will bring others to travel any highway with you that you have gained easy access to without having to keep looking at the map.

I thought of this blog when I read a commentary by Joseph Prince on the time Jesus and His disciples were in a boat in a storm. Jesus was the only one who could calm the sea as He was the only one with a peaceful heart, shown by his question to all the others “Why are you so fearful?”

You can’t take others where you haven’t been yourself.

Even if you haven’t read my book, don’t forget the free 13 minute breathing and relaxation session on this website to get in a bit more practice.

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