I came across this book, The 5 Step Method for enjoying injury free and faster running as shared by Author Brad Beer in You CAN Run Pain Free! (c) 2015 My Back’s Physio Australia Pty Ltd.
I haven’t read it right through, but I think the 5 Steps to running pain free sound like great advice.  Not to mention the power of Step 5. Available on Amazon.

Step 1: Discover Your Running Body: Understanding your body’s make up is the foundational step towards your journey towards pain free running.

Step 2: Run With Great Technique: Learn the 5 key principles of great running technique and decrease your injury risk and speed up your running as a result.

Step 3: Navigate the Footwear Maze: The shoe market is more crowded then ever before. In this step you will discover the considerations necessary for making your next shoe purchase.

Step 4: The Importance of Hip Stability: Running with a stable pelvis is critical in unlocking your true  running potential.

Step 5: The Power of Rest: The often neglected but mandatory rest session is explored in detail in this step. This is the ‘glue’ that holds steps 1-4 together in your quest to run pain free!

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