I give away a lot because I come across so many people who cope with a lot of stress in their lives – and all of them are over breathing

And busyness changes your perception of what calm actually is- you end up settling for less!
I constantly find that as I take people into calm using SIMPLE techniques outlined in the book, – that people go ‘WOW – I had forgotten what it feels like to be this calm – it feels so good’

And more than- feel good- it activates your immune system, and there are so many diseases out there where our immune systems are working against our bodies instead of for them, from arthritis to cancer and a host of auto-immune diseases.
It improves your digestive and reproductive systems, your creativity and lateral thinking, widens your vision physically and metaphorically…

And as research starts to grow in this area, I reckon in the near future, the ability to achieve effective Rest will be as important and promoted as exercise is at the moment.

So if you want an easy guide to Calm my book is on Amazon for Print on Demand, and Kindle

                                                         REST: A SCIENCE AND AN ART by Ros Broome

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