…said the tour guide of an art tour in Auckland last week. He was telling us about ‘how to look at a painting’ – and one of the keys is to TAKE THE TIME TO STOP AND LOOK.
– and one of the by-products would be a moment of respite. He didn’t say ‘you are about to stop and fritter away your day or  neglect the other important things in your life’.

Respite was a positive alternative with benefits.

The fact that we have to find an excuse to achieve respite –
is a reflection of our inability to be observant of so many other things, e.g. The changing images of trees with the seasons. Lately I have been enjoying the silhouettes that bare trees make against the sky. Even the smallest twigs have their moment – and come summer you wouldn’t give them a second thought as they would be hidden by foliage.

Or how our smile can light up the faces of those around us as we take time to look at people instead of being driven by our agendas from one situation to another.

Or to reinforce how our souls actually need respite to stay nourished and fresh in the same way as an athlete needs rest times to gain strength between workouts.

You will achieve in Rest what you won’t find anywhere else.

Read Rest: A Science and an Art by Ros Broome – available on Amazon.

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