In Jesus ‘rest seminar’ in Mathew 29, He said rest is the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff for the weary and heavy laden,

“Come to me
I will give you rest”

The only condition is ‘Come’ – so you don’t have to be good enough, deserving enough, nice enough;
you just have to come.
I love it : I love it

When I can’t carry any more, try any harder, reach an over expectation, fulfil an obligation, muster up any more energy or niceness

I have found Come = practically a large sigh on His part –
“at last” she will lean into me, trust me,
“at last” I can work and do more than she would ever do on her own,
“at last” she will be ready to give up resentment for trust, bitterness for thankfulness, small thinking for the global picture.

The Greek word for rest here means to cease from labour in order to recover and collect strength, or to refresh.

Resting in God brings a tranquillity in the midst of turmoil. Our mind can say ‘you shouldn’t be this peaceful, fret some more, worry more, you deserve to be angry’. But the reality is that ‘come to me’ is the global if not universal truth that He cares and He will walk through it with us, maybe not in a way we would expect, but with hindsight in a way that has bigger-than-us outcomes.

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