The front page of our Saturday newspaper magazine read ‘The Busy Trap ‘and the lead article was called ‘The Cult of Busy’ by journalist Rebecca Barry Hill.

Busy has become the new Stressed. It is such a buzz word, and Hill records what many similar articles are saying about:-

Busy= “telling people you are flat out has become a normal response to a polite inquiry into your wellbeing.”
The feeling of being ‘on’ all the time= “I just feel like my days never end. You don’t really clock out.”

She mentions the fact that we are aware these days of how our lives affect our brain activity and health and wellbeing.
“If you are calm you’re more creative, more flexible, you have better new ideas. It’s often where the good stuff happens.”

And what David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done says, that “our productivity is directly proportional to our ability to relax”

Oh wow , I feel my book is in the right season of our social awareness.

There is power in learning to Rest /Relax.

Do you realise that there are things you find in Rest that you won’t find anywhere else.

I love my job. Teaching people how to access Rest as a life skill.

Remember my free 13 minute relaxation button if need someone to talk you through the basics.

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