I do enjoy hearing that people are going to use the Sinus Rinse as it can facilitate nose breathing.

The Sinus Rinse can clear allergens or dust from your nasal lining, loosen and release mucous from your nose, and clear the openings to the sinus so they will drain more easily and relieve the pressure and pain of sinusitis. They can ease headaches, and some people find their sense of smell and taste is improved, and their normal nasal medications are more effective.

I sell the sinus rinse at markets, but you can purchase a sinus rinse bottle or nettipot from your pharmacy, use a small spray bottle or do the old snuffle method where you wash your hands and pour some of the saline solution into the palm of your hand and sniff it up.
To make a solution directly into your sinus rinse bottle,  Fill the bottle with warm water and add ¼ teaspoon of rock salt (Most people would recommend this as table salt has some additives, but I tend to use table salt as am not good at being a purist)  Also some people say they prefer it saltier with ½ teaspoon salt. Add a pinch to 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda, and put your thumb over the opening on the top as you shake it around.

Or you can make up a mixture in a container. Mix 3 teaspoons rock salt and1 teaspoon baking soda. Use I teaspoon of this in your sinus rinse bottle.


For each method, once you have the solution in your nose, do make sure you blow your nose very gently through both nostrils at first to clear the liquid without forcing any up into your inner ears.

If you experience burning or stinging, you may want to dilute the solution a little more, but NEVER use water by itself or you will feel an intense burning sensation.

You will find a position bending over a basin that is comfortable for you where the solution will not run down your throat and give you a salty taste. If you are too far forward or if you force the liquid up your nose, you may find it goes into the sinus above your nose and runs out later on when you bend over.

If you are using the sinus rinse bottle, have a practice squeeze first as the solution does not have to reach the ceiling, but only come out about the length of your nose above the nozzle.

And do not use the rinse if your nose is very blocked, it is best to do it early on to prevent severe congestion from occurring.
Stop using it if you have any problems, like nosebleeds, or pain.

And after all this advice, don’t be put off – it will not be as difficult as your imagination may be telling you.


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