grey manI sometimes think the science of body language can be used as choreography to subliminally influence others, but when we are not consiously using it,  it is certainly an unspoken way we communicate our attitudes to others.
Slouching communicates that you have less self -confidence than someone who stands tall – and there are so many slouchers out there!
Whenever I sit and watch people, if you know me you will know I am aware of how many mouth breathers there are, but also how many people have a ‘chook look’ posture. I have posted a page from my book on my website on Posture. Do look at it if you get aching muscles in your neck or between your shoulder blades, if you have shoulder pain, especially rotator cuff problems, if you are a jaw clencher or an upper chest breather. I suggest those who have hip problems take note too, as slouching makes you slightly flexed at the hips, and the physio will be onto you for gait reeducation after your total hip joint replacement.
Slouching stretches out all your anti gravity muscles, and I reckon, why let gravity pull you towards the earth earlier than necessary! Our bodies will all get there eventually!

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