‘I think I’ll sit down before I fall over’ … Wisdom from a young man who never stops.
He has said in the past that he can’t take a break as ‘there is always just a little bit more to do’.
He is the one in my book who suffers from Rooimiere. Which he translated to me as, ‘you’ve got ants in your pants and you can’t set still as they are biting you’.

So I couldn’t believe what I heard, the invincible, live in the fast lane, I love getting things done man admitted to me, the parasympathetic devotee, that he might put time aside over the long weekend to take a break.

He was planning to rest.

And wow – he did.

And then – he even said it was good and he felt better for it!

Knock me over with a feather.

There is hope for everyone out there who feels constant activity is the mantra of life.


Rest adds another dimension to life, plan for it and don’t miss out.

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