Having trouble engaging with Mindfulness?

Mind and Body are coexistent. If mindfulness is done properly it will access a deep calm. But some people hold so much tension in their muscles and breathing pattern they cannot fully let their minds enter the calm that should be a life skill.

The other day I visisted the wonderful Doris from the Arcadia Bookshop who speaks on Newstalk ZB every Friday. Even she looked at my book and said, well mindfulness books are more popular at the moment, obviously not aware of how long it takes some people to actually engage a state of calm.

If you want to learn a simple way to access a physical calm that will simplify and deepen your Mindfulness journey, my book:-

Rest: A Science and an Art is now available via this site or on Amazon or Kindle. ( Plus in Auckland at both Arcadia Bookshop in Newmarket, and Time Out Bookshop in Mt Eden).


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