Athletes who push too hard can end up with the same symptoms as people who have pushed busy in their lives too hard for too long.
They can feel fatigue, mood changes, irritability, lack of motivation, frequent infections, skin rashes, panic attacks, allergies, chest pain … [See the article Less can be More for more information]

Just as coaches should be looking out for these symptoms, it is always important for any non athlete to have any of these symptoms checked out by a doctor. If there is nothing obvious wrong, it may be called ‘stress’. I hope your GP doesn’t say, go home and learn how to relax. People who are busy have forgotten what relax feels like, how to do it or how often.  My book Rest: A Science and An Art discusses all these practical aspects.

Then the main solution is Active Recovery. Learn how change your thinking about what level of drive is necessary in every part of your life, and how to relax, breathe into calm, eat well, sleep enough … All the obvious things you probably already have heard and read, as there is a growing awareness of these skills in the world today.

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