Feeling somewhat chilled out after the holidays?


I heard someone at work say that they are feeling so much better after their holidays that this year they weren’t going to let life get as crazy as it was last year.

Warning Warning

It will never Just Happen…


I took charge of my own busyness a couple of years ago, and diarized some time to make Rest happen each week. At first, it was really hard and of course that was the only time the chimney sweep was available or the plumber had to come to deal to a crisis etc. Plus I struggled to let my mind ease out of its compulsive drive to be that cliché of a ‘human doing’. Gradually I used some of my own advice to learn how to physically experience Rest and my mind, soul and spirit soon followed.

It was like going through a doorway to a bigger dimension of ‘human being’.


It hasn’t got any easier to keep an intentional time of Rest available, but I have become more stubborn about placing it as a top priority in my week.

If I do miss it for a few weeks, I feel dry and find I long for it like an oasis in the desert. So one of my wonderful book artists has created a picture I use as tags on merchandise. I think Oasis is synonymous with Resting Place.

Rest - Oasis Illustration v3                      I would love to hear your story – do you relate to a need for a Resting Place?                                   How do you make it happen?


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