Q&A In Time Magazine Wednesday, June 10, 2009 – Randy Williams interviews Jim Collins

One of the Q&A stopped me in my tracks. People everywhere are learning the power of Rest. They are activating the Parasympathetic nervous system without even knowing it, they just know it is the way to get powerful results in our lives.

You say one key to being successful today is developing “a ferocious understanding of what you’re not going to do.” What do you mean?

As I got into my research, I saw that those who were really effective made use of not just a “to-do” list but a “stop-doing” list. I set up a time almost every day where I turn off my cell phone and do not get on [the Internet]. It’s a pocket of quietude. I also leave white space on my calendar, roughly three days every two weeks. Nothing can be scheduled during white-space time. I try to create bubbles of tranquil time for hard thinking. It can also be a day where you get up at 6 and do a bunch of writing and then go rock-climbing for three hours.

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