Ros-Profile-PicHi I enjoy being a physiotherapist with the opportunities and responsibilities that has given me to speak into people’s lives.

It also allows me to rub shoulders with other medical and paramedical practitioners. Our knowledge of the brain and the body’s chemistry is growing so fast it is good to be able to share ideas and clinical experiences.

But basically, as a physio I think I am down to earth and practical. Techniques have to work in a clinical setting or they are no use.

I cut my teeth on the topic sitting with women in delivery suite, teaching stress management seminars around the boardroom table, busking on the street, in a private breathing clinic and most recently with a cross-section of people in the medical wards of a hospital.

I am a fan of the skill of Rest only because it works and it changes lives and relationships.

It may only be a small slice of the pie but gosh it is a good one and I hope you enjoy your journey in discovering-
How so much can come from so little!

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