The sympathetic SNS and parasympathetic PNS nervous systems are the operations management team for all the bits of your internal function and guts that you take for granted, but they are not only responsible for your health but also for your creativity and energy levels.

The SNS is your accelerator, which transforms your body into high activity mode when you experience fear and threat, or when you are focussed on busyness or emotional pressures. Yes go with adrenaline, love that fast lane, thrive on stress, rise above obstacles, and be persistent.

Fabulous short term, but it will drain your energy and innovation levels if maintained over the long term.

It needs to exist in a balance with its alter ego, the PNS

Your PNS is the brake responsible for repairing the wear and tear of all your body processes, stimulating your immune system and digestion, refreshing and recharging you, improving libido, helping you to think creatively, see the big picture and open your heart to God’s Presence.

Fabulous short and long term.

Many people have lost touch with ways of bringing their lives into that significant restorative state of Rest. They have embraced the ‘productivity’ of busyness, and have overlooked the ‘power’ available to them when they dare create intentional times of Rest.

Read Ros’s book Rest: a science and an art to give you some basic ideas on how to activate it more in your own life.

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