Live longer by nurturing your parasympathetic nervous system.

I enjoyed the statement ‘Our data clearly show that healthy longevity is associated with increases in parasympathetically modulated HRV measures.’
And what about ‘ longevity is related to the persistence of good autonomic function, particularly good parasympathetic function.’

These 2 quotes are from an article:-
Zulfiqar U, Jurivich DA, Gao W, Singer DH. Relation of high heart rate variability to healthy longevity. American Journal of Cardiology 2010; 105: 1181-1185.


From my book and site I trust you are now familiar with the term Autonomic nervous system that controls our internal body functions. The sympathetic is the adrenaline ‘busy’ based one and the parasympathetic the ‘rest’ based source of Power. (I can’t resist a marketing opportunity!)

HRV is Heart Rate Variability – a way of measuring the variables that exist between each heart beat that measures the sympathetic and parasympathetic ratio that is going on in your life.

I did a small project with 5 clients to measure their HRV and I found out that the techniques of relaxation and breathing I teach actually could stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. A wonderful researcher, John Sollers mentored my journey, and the results gave me permission to write my book Rest: A science and an art.

Busy can be fabulous, but once it dominates your thinking, your lists, your days, it is a heartless master.

It takes courage to learn how to engage the power of Rest.

I’d love to hear about your journey.

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