Thank you to the Grey Lynn Festival goers who came to talk to me at ‘The Resting Place’.

It takes courage to access Rest in our lives as it flies in the face of how we strive to achieve through hard work and determination and long hours.
People who don’t understand will think you have wasted time when you stop ‘to reflect’ and ‘to imagine what could be’.
Outwardly it looks like doing nothing, but those who have been there will know it is tapping into resources within you that are not available in any other way.

Athletes know if they up their training that they need to up their nutrition, sleep and recovery times. If they don’t they are vulnerable to increased injury and they won’t hit peak performance. But busy people think they can push more into their days and get away with it until the health crisis or the fatigue or anxiety or other emotional or relational problems surface.
Learning how to Rest is the answer to high performance with sustainability for both groups of people.

So I really enjoyed talking to you – and trust I have introduced you to a life skill that you will continue to develop and enjoy as time goes on.
I always reckon if what I say is true, it won’t just come from me, but you will start to hear about it more from others, from the media, and you will get that inner witness that will call you to value calm and invest more into it.

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