Thank you to all those who stopped to talk to me today. There was a 95% consistent theme from you all – people are too busy and both 1 -say they find it hard to make time for rest, then feel guilty if they do;  and 2 – readily admit that they need to rest more. I used to try and scare people into it by getting them to think of all the danger signs of stress in their lives e.g. poor health, inefficiency, fatigue, difficult relationships.

But really no-one needs to be reminded of these things, and fear and threat are lousy long term motivations.

So now I am excited by the fact that – Rest is NOT doing nothing- and try and inspire people with how powerful it can be for our health, efficiency, raised energy levels and ability to be involved in the big picture of life around us instead of being focused on the never ending list of things-to-do that drive us each day.

Congratulations to those who bought my book, I do think it holds a range of practical ideas that can help you.

from Ros

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