I have heard and read this story in a number of versions. From travelling in deepest darkest Africa, to being on safari or in the Amazon jungle. But the punch line is always the same and my soul says ‘yes please.’ It will apply to conquering a hectic schedule, being on constant demand or after days in the concrete jungle. I Googled this version.

‘An archaeologist once hired some Inca tribesmen to lead him to an archaeological site deep in the mountains. After they had been moving for some time the tribesmen stopped and insisted they would go no further. The archaeologist grew impatient and then angry. But no matter how much he cajoled the tribesmen would not go any further. The  all of a sudden the tribesmen changed their attitude. They picked up the gear and set off once more. When the bewildered archaeologist asked why they had stopped and refused to move for so long, the tribesmen answered, “We had been moving too fast and had to wait for our souls to catch up.”

Source: based on a story told in the movie Beyond the Clouds’

I hope you have had a great holiday, that you stopped, and now your soul is ready to stand strong in 2015.

Don’t forget to listen to your soul during the year, and do 2015 magnificently!

I am inspired by a verse in Isaiah for my year. (chapter 28 verse 6) ‘God is a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.’  When the battle has got as far as the gates of a city it is nearly too late and is the sign of an inevitable defeat. But to have the strength to never give up in the areas of life we value – my soul says ‘yes please.’

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