Lissa Rankin is a doctor with a significant story of discovering how our thinking affects our health. She started off thinking that ‘the mind can heal the body’ was part of alternative medicine folk-lore, but by doing research into how placebo (e.g. sugar pills) healed people she found we are the gatekeepers of our own minds. This means when we are in the Stress Response through negative thinking we suppress our bodies natural healing ability. But when we are in the Rest Response our bodies natural self-repair mechanisms kick in.

Plus she finds a lot of her patients have an innate intuition and can tell her what their body’s need in order to heal. And some have the courage to act on it and find their illnesses disappear.

For those of you who know me, you will know why I watched this video with my jaw dropped on the carpet. It just affirms my book and heart – to encourage people on the journey of learning how to access the Rest Response in their own body. Her research builds on what I say though, and although it will take 55minutes out of your busy schedule, I recommend this video, and I am going to buy her book Mind over Medicine: Scientific proof that you can heal yourself – which will require even more of a time investment to read – just to show off the investment I think is necessary to learn to think differently.

p.s. this pause of her is not her best profile!

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